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slider1_1What Does Every Author, Speaker or Business Need to Succeed But May Not Have?


The answer is so obvious that you’ve undoubtedly answered the question already. It’s not a zillion followers . . . or a big bank account . . . or a staff of dozens.


It’s a business basic that many are without – a good website. Duh, you might be saying, and you’re right – tell me something I don’t know! But surprisingly, many of us wanting to compete in today’s marketplace don’t have one or have a rudimentary, cookie-cutter site that isn’t helping us much.


Enter a team that can help you get to the next level and beyond: A team of book marketing AND digital marketing experts, the Verve Group.


I was such an author, trying to stir up interest in my books by word of mouth, social media and anything else I could think of doing. Being a can-do and rather naïve sort of person, I had gone to WordPress and taken a tutorial and then signed up for a free service to help me create a website. When the free service began spamming with up to five emails every day hounding me to buy stuff from them and I still had no clue what to even do first, I knew doing it myself was not the answer.


The Verve Marketing Group team has experience launching over a thousand books – from New York Times bestsellers, to medical books, to college textbooks. Whether it’s non-fiction or fiction; books written for adults or kids; titles published in hardcover, ebook, audio, or DVD – they come alongside with the expertise to help us authors accomplish our goals.


Getting their help was the answer and they have turned my life as an author around. Check out my beautiful new site and imagine what they can do for you and your books as well.


Happy writing!




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