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Praise, Praise and More Praise!


My 26-year-old son is being baptized today! He has long been a believer and in the last couple of years has been on fire for the Lord. His conversation is loaded with praise and he wants to obey God. He knows, as we all do, that we fail at that and fall short, and we are ever grateful that our wonderful God waits with open arms to forgive us and take us back to closeness with Him.


Another amazing thing is what led up to his baptism today. He recently completed a work assignment in Arizona and was driving back to spend some time here at home. On the way he stopped to see a close friend and his wife in Colorado.


The first night Andrew was there, he was sitting on the sofa with their dog, who suddenly snapped and bit Andrew badly in the eye and lip. They rushed to the hospital and after a long wait, he got 21 stitches in his eye and a couple in his lip. Of course his friend and his wife felt terrible.


Apparently, a prominent eye doctor had been summoned to the hospital a couple of hours earlier because of another emergency eye problem and he “happened” to still be there when Andrew needed him. He said there would be no damage to Andrew’s eyesight or eye and repaired the damage. Andrew said he was truly an artist, as the stitches were millimeters from his eyeball.


Here’s the first praise that led to the title of today’s blog post: Andrew came out of all of this praising God—for protecting him and preventing him from losing the sight of his eye and for having that doctor on hand to treat him.


The second praise is that Andrew’s friend Scott’s wife gave her life to Christ the next night!


The third is for God’s mercy and wonder and the incredible ways He acts. Here Andrew suffered a pretty serious injury and came out of it praising Him, and all three—Andrew, Scott and his wife—decided to be baptized today.


Thank You is never enough, but thank You, God!



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