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Protection for My Nest


One thing I’m asking God is that He would teach me to recognize His voice so that I know when a thought or idea is just from me or some other source or from God. I’m in a Bible study where we’re studying Patricia Shirer’s Discerning the Voice of God. Of course He let me know that when it’s a Bible verse or passage that I think of, that’s definitely from Him. Even there, though, I can’t just apply verses I think of willy-nilly to an issue I’m thinking about.


So on my walk on one fall day, I kept asking Him to teach me to recognize His voice and promptings and know when they are truly from Him. I focused on that for my entire two-mile walk, rather than asking for things or even praising Him, as I often do when walking.


It seemed like nothing was coming, so I realized that it takes longer than one two-mile walk to learn to discern God’s voice from among others. One thing I’m pretty sure I do is that when I want or need something, I interpret things I see as being from God, especially if they are in support of my request. Such as, if I’m thinking about publishing something, when I proofread a book and see “God can use your struggles to help other people,” I tend to take that to mean God’s saying go ahead, when He might not be saying that at all. So I need to learn how to discern and identify His messages to me from others, including those I hope will back up what I want.


During my walk, I kept noticing squirrel or hawk nests high up in the leaf-bare trees surrounding the field I walk around. Don’t start reading something from God into them, I told myself firmly. Still, I couldn’t help noticing them, lots of them – some trees had three or four way up high. Since my mind works the way it does, I started thinking about my own nest and how God has done amazingly above what I could ever ask or think as to my three wonderful, delightful, excellent children—all of whom truly love God and desire to walk with and serve Him wholeheartedly. With that, what more could a parent ask? Well, I do ask for other things for them too but that’s the main thing in life—this life and for all eternity, so I am hugely blessed.

I could obviously make the connection that God has kept my nest of three protected, high above the fray swirling around them as He kept them from harm and evil. But I told myself not to read into things, as I often do. I knew I need to wait for God to reveal Himself to me, and I can’t just expect that when I ask for that, it happens right away. Still, He has done that for me and my nest!


So a few days later on my way into the office I was listening to the dramatized KJV New Testament on CD and Jesus said in the beautiful, rich, majestic voice they use for His, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” (Matthew 21:22, emphasis added).


With more belief than I usually have when I ask for things—  since I don’t believe I can think that God will necessarily do what I ask for or want because He knows better than I do and His timing is perfect—I asked for some specific help on two issues my children were facing. I asked these things in Jesus’ name, believing, as the verse said. Believing more than I usually do, to be honest.


I don’t close my eyes and bow my head to pray while driving of course, but I was at a stoplight as I was praying for these two specific things, BELIEVING. I looked at the car in front of me as the light turned green and in the tree right over the car was one of the squirrel nests! I cried, knowing that He really does graciously show us Himself when we seek Him (you shall seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart).


Thank You, God, for being so amazing and wanting a relationship with us. Please do teach me to discern Your voice among my thoughts and desires and other competing messages. And I ask, BELIEVING, that you will continue to protect my nest.



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