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A Random Act of Goodness

Assistance (with clipping path)

I have a lovely young friend at work who could chronologically be my daughter for sure. But we have just clicked. We have much in common, and we have differences too, which is fine. She is utterly brilliant – everyone wants her on their project because she creates amazing, beautiful, contemporary designs and artwork that bring any project to life – whether it’s a corporate strategy or a new training course. People want to fast-track her into the corporate hierarchy, but she just wants to do what she’s good at and loves and she declines these offers.


So that’s her professional self and I am privileged to get her on some of my projects, which always makes me breathe a sigh of relief because I know that our marketing efforts are going to be outstanding with her involved.


But listen to what she did recently! She read my blog post about my friend Linda and she contacted me and said Linda sounds like such a wonderful person whom she would like to reach out to with a random act of kindness. I gave her Linda’s name and address and, sure enough, she sent Linda a book, an encouraging note, and a check for $25. And she doesn’t know Linda from Adam! She just did this because she was touched as she read about a woman with a big heart and small to nonexistent resources.


Soon Linda called me to say she had received this anonymous gift and asked if I knew the person. Of course I said I did and Linda described the lovely soft and comfortable nightgown (she has chronic pain that makes most clothing painful) she had been able to purchase with the gift and how thrilled she was that someone would reach out to her like this.


So next time you get discouraged about the condition of the world, think of people like this who, just out of the goodness of their hearts, do something wonderful for someone else – someone she doesn’t even know and may never meet or even talk to. And have hope . . . because while I get discouraged at times about the future and some of the people I observe, I know that amazing people exist at every age. And they are actively doing surprising things that demonstrate goodness every day.